Well here I am cleaning up the Enchanted Family and working on the places and locations.  I am still in the process of trying to add the full location including county, if possible.  So needless to say I have to use maps and searches to even figure out where some of the locations are or were.  Then all of a sudden I am looking up a person’s place when I see on Wikipedia she was married to the person they claim that the stories about Robin Hood were about.  So that would make her Maid Marion!

She was married twice so that was why I had her in the family tree already. As the Story goes Fulk FitzWarin II was a medieval landed gentleman who was forced to become an outlaw in the early 13th century.  He was a Marcher Lord who rebelled against King John from 1200 to 1203 over his familial right to the estate of Whittington.  He was assisted in his rebellion by 52 followers. Is this starting to sound familiar?  Then Hubert de Burgh was sent by the king with 100 knights to counter Fulk’s rebellion.  Fulk was stripped of his family’s holdings, and took to the woods as an outlaw.  Well what you think?  Was he Robin Hood?  Was Maud Le Vavasour Maid Marion?

Let me know what you think!

Well I know I have always loved the story about Robin Hood.  From what I am seeing it seems G+ Grandpa Robin Hood also had written the stories of his life, so I think he wrote himself into the story.  Wow now I was to go visit the Sherwood Forest!!

PS you can use the side menu to type in their names and find them within the Enchanted Family.



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