So for the last few weeks I have been adding to the family tree.  New Pictures, New Stories, New People, A ton of Dates and even some corrections.  That the thing about a large family tree, you thing you found something and you spend a lot of time on it only to find out in the end it does not fit into the puzzle.  

I personally tend to jump about from different areas of the Enchanted Family, so you never know what you might find new within the walls and halls.  Today I was working on some of the Jones line and let me tell you it is NOT easy.  Do you know how many Jones there are out in the world?  But in the end I did find cool picture of my Grandmother and her Parents which I shared already on Facebook.

Sometimes I just have to stop after working on lines over a 100 years ago, if can sometimes get depressing having to add so many death dates and gravestones, but at the same time exciting to find New information.  Actually I think that was more the Zagala Line, but I did find a couple cool very old pictures as well.

I do love the Photos, so if anyone has some old family pictures they want to add to one of the people in the Enchanted Family please let me know.  



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