Hello Lady Kathleen!
I’m the G.G. Granddaughter of Capt. A.G Edwin Smith of St. Paul’s Anglican Church of England. His son Alexander George Smith Jr. is my G-Grandfather aka: George Smith, both are interperters of the St. Paul’s Church of England. And George Smith Jr. is Jay Silverheels-Smith aka: ‘Tonto’ of the Lone Ranger Series. His daughter is my Grandma: Mary Margaret (Maggie Mitchell-Smith. And he used many names to hide his idenity and protect his family from persecution. His Family is the “Last of Jesus’s Blood-lines and the true owners of King Tut’s Fortunes and Items.
We have never stepped forward so, you will enjoy knowing this. His Daughter Mary Margaret Mitchell, Married Charles Frank Lung of Salisbury, Pa. (Names for Salisbury, England which is in Somerset Country, Pa. Mary (Maggie) Mitchell-Smith had 13 Children and half are still living today. There are many offspring from all of her Children and a Long Line! And I know we are of the Tudor Line and Lady Katheryn Gray’s and she was King Henry VIII Youngest daughter. My G-Grandpa Jay Silverheels told me our History when I was very young and all the names I was told are those here on, “The Enchanted Families!”
I’m please to meet You! My e-mail is xxxxxxxxxxxx if you would need more proofs. I have my DNA I had done professionally and how I fit into the UnKnown Linage of Alexander George Smith Jr. and his family, which also ties into William ‘Billy’ Smith and General George Patton Smith. We are related to all the most famous people in the World and the most Ancient of Ancients. Thank You for this site, it makes me very proud of the both of us!!!
God Bless You and You are very Lovely!
Deborah Pearl Lung/Judge
(Dee Jay Silverheels)

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