Ever wonder where your family comes from? How did your Grand parents meet? What was important to them and are the answers to those kind of questions important to you? You can solve those type of personal mystery’s for future generations of your family by preserving your family history online.

A thousand years ago people sat around the camp fire telling the stories of those that came before them. The invention of ink and paper lead monks in the middle ages to painstakingly transcribe histories by hand. With the advances in modern technology the Library of Congress is going digital and thanks to modern technology the written word, video, and audio are able to be preserved indefinitely, but how do we pass on our family history to future generations of our own?

The events in our lives no longer need be subject to interpretation or fade with our passing. Just as the printing press forever changed the world and our access to books. Gadgets like digital cameras, phones, and computers are improving the way we detail the events that matter in our personal lives. They may not be the earthshaking events that make the nightly news but they are the kind of things that matter to us and our loved ones.


  • When someone tells our story it gets filtered through their eyes. New technology allows our stories to be told from our point of view with our own motives and reasons clearly defined.
  • The tech of today is very inexpensive and user friendly. Almost every cell phone has video and audio capability allowing us to document all the important moments in our lives.
  • Digital information can be stored indefinitely and is immune to the elements and ages. A fire or flood will not damage digitally backed up material and time and corrosion are non factors to your photos, videos, and recordings.
  • Finally, backing up the important moments, memories, and documents of your family history online is secure and private allowing you to designate who gets what, when, and where.

Your life may be organized but have you thought about your afterlife? I don’t mean your place in Heaven, I’m talking about those you leave behind. A death in the family is often a traumatic time for the loved ones left in our wake. More so if it’s unexpected which in most cases it is. Getting organized before the fact is one of the most unselfish and loving acts you can do for your family.

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