I have been looking for parents of Azariah Prather for about 15 years now to no avail. I know everyone SAYS he is the son of Aaron and Mary Swearingen Prather, but Stout Lillard says “It is SAID Azariah died at the age of 94 while visiting relatives” in Indiana (I think that is the state – don’t have it in front of me). When you see his actual papers, you see that he really wasn’t positive about that. In his hand written notes, he wonders if Azariah could be a nephew, and wonders if the Azariah in LA married to Ruth Petticord could be a son of Azariah in KY. My cousin and I proved Azariah as a patriot for DAR back in ’93, but we also proved that he died in LA at the age of 51 or 52 in 1811/1812. It is the same Azariah who was in KY because we have his and Ruth Petticord’s proof of marriage in 1804 in KY. We sort of shot ourselves in the foot when we did that because now the DAR will not accept any of Stout Lillard’s work on that line as proof. We found proof of his death in the American State Papers where his 2nd wife, Ruth Petticord, filed his will. She died before it was probated, though, and Azariah’s son Aaron by his 1st wife, Ruth Lochland, was appointed guardian of Azariah and Ruth Petticord Prather’s young son, John. Azariah and Ruth Petticord were married in KY, Azariah was a witness to his daughter, Susannah Prather’s, marriage in Ky, and he and Ruth Lochland had several other children who were in KY at the same time, and they all moved to LA right after the Louisiana Purchase. They lived in St. Landry Parish. Right off the top of my head, I remember sons named Nicholas, Tyler, and Aaron, but there are more children than that who moved to LA with their father and Ruth Petticord. Some of the children eventually went to TX and I am descended through the youngest son, John, and his wife, Catherine. They had Jessie who married Mary Eliza; they had Pinto Prince “Ed” who married Ellen Nora Morgan; they had my father, Dave Lafayette Prather who married Gerthie Clytie Muckleroy Davis (she was the widow of Levi Davis) and they had me; Ed and Ellen Nora also had Edna and a baby who died young, Beatrice Adelia, Mary Ellen, and Zelma Sybil.

Any help would be appreciated.

Martha Prather Edwards

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