Adam in the Bible has references to Adam the Individual and Adam as to referencing all humans. In Genesis 5:2 it states “Male and female created He them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam…” this is where Adam is used as a term for mankind or the whole human race. In Genesis 2 this is where Adam is made from the dust of the ground and then given “the breathe of life” and then Adam now becomes a living soul.

Genesis would teach us the God would then Give Adam the Garden of Eden to tend and to help tend this garden God then made Eve. No one truly knows where the Garden of Eden is some believe it is in heaven and some believe it is some place lost to us on earth.

Others that do not believe in Religion believe that it was evolution and that the Bible is just a story to explain the beginning of mankind. I will not state what I believe but instead I will pose some thought and questions. The bible does not mention dinosaurs yet there is proof that dinosaurs did exist millions of years before the Bible. So is it possible that mankind also lived during this time? Some believe that mankind did exist and they were wiped out with the dinosaurs. The nature of the event that caused this mass extinction has been extensively studied since the 1970s. So if God created the world and Adam and Eve how then does this explain the existence of fossil of Dinosaurs from an earlier time?

Yet others that believe in science fiction believe that mankind was planted here on earth by a superior race from another galaxy. In this the theory there is no proof as in there is with the dinosaurs, but this does not stop mankind from searching for life on other planets and making stories and movies with this theory. I seem to remember an old movie or story that related the stories in the bible to be stories of the beginning with the text obscuring the truth. In this story was where God was the ship that brought Adam and Eve to earth.

I am by no means a scholar but I do read a lot and watch a lot of movies. I do think somehow all things are tied together somehow and we just don’t have the entire pieces to the puzzle. Which leads me to all the stories I have seen where one person or a group of people decide what is best for the rest by hiding the Truth.

We the people may never know the full story “unless we were to invent “Time Travel” so I, like the rest of mankind will have to settle now for beliefs, stories, and theories to know the true beginnings.

Enchanted Family Related Person is Adam of the Bible

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