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         Description: How many Rulers and people with Titles of Different Countries there are listed

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# Prefix First Name Last Name Full Name Birth Place Death Place
51 Bishop of Treves  Theobald    Bishop of Treves Theobald     
52 Captain  Samuel  Bacon  Captain Samuel Bacon     
53 Captain  John  Bowne  Captain John Bowne     
54 Captain  William  Bowne  Captain William Bowne  Long Island, , New York, United States   , Monmouth, New Jersey, United States  
55 Captain  Thomas  Clagett  Captain Thomas Clagett    , Calvert, Maryland, United States  
56 Captain  Simeon  Davis  Captain Simeon Davis     
57 Captain  Hancock  Lee  Captain Hancock Lee  Dividing Creel, Northumberland, Virginia, United States   Ditchley Plantation, Northumberland, Virginia, United States  
58 Captain  Mark  Phillips  Captain Mark Phillips     
59 Captain  William  Smallwood  Captain William Smallwood  , Charles, Maryland, United States   , Charles, Maryland, United States  
60 Captain  Edward John  Smith  Captain Edward John SmithCaptain Edward John Smith  Hanley, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom   , , , Atlantic Ocean  
61 Captian  Timothy  Laurence  Captian Timothy LaurenceCaptian Timothy Laurence     
62 Cde  Gaton  El Bierzo  Cde Gaton De El Bierzo     
63 Cde  Melendo  Gonzales  Cde Melendo Gonzales     
64 Cde  Hermengildo  Gutierrez  Cde Hermengildo Gutierrez     
65 Cde  Guttiere  Osorez  Cde Guttiere Osorez     
66 Cde  Raimundo  Riborgaza  Cde Raimundo De Riborgaza, II     
67 Cde  Armengol  Urgel  Cde Armengol De Urgel, III     
68 Cde of Castile  Rodrigo    Cde of Castile Rodrigo     
69 Cde of Castile  Diego Rodriquez  Porcelos  Cde of Castile Diego Rodriquez Porcelos     
70 Cde of Cousserans  Bernardo  Roger  Cde of Cousserans Bernardo Roger     
71 Chamberlain  Aubrey  Vere  Chamberlain Aubrey De Vere, IChamberlain Aubrey De Vere, I    Colne Priory, Earls Colne, Essex, England, United Kingdom  
72 Chancellor of England  Reinbald  Presbyter  Chancellor of England Reinbald De Presbyter     
73 Chief  Malcolm Beag  MacKintosh  Chief Malcolm Beag MacKintosh  Dumbarton, , Dunbarton, Scotland, United Kingdom    
74 Chief Bulter of Ireland  Theobald  Walter  Chief Bulter of Ireland Theobald Walter, Le Botiller     
75 Chief of Leth  Cathail Cathal mac Muiredach    Chief of Leth Cathail Cathal mac Muiredach  Leth Cathail, Ulster, , Ireland    
76 Chief of the Naragansetts  Canonicus    Chief of the Naragansetts Canonicus     
77 Chief of the North Picts  Derelitius    Chief of the North Picts Derelitius     
78 Chief of the Picts  Loich    Chief of the Picts Loich     
79 Chief of the Salian Franks  Merovech    Chief of the Salian Franks Merovech  Tournai, , Doornik, Belgium    
80 Chieftan of Demetia  Eochaid Allmuir    Chieftan of Demetia Eochaid Allmuir     
81 Cild of Sussex  Aethelmar    Cild of Sussex Aethelmar     
82 Cild of Sussex  Wulfnoth    Cild of Sussex Wulfnoth     
83 Col  Edward  Clagett  Col Edward Clagett  West Malling, Kent, England, United Kingdom   London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom  
84 Col.  James  Smallwood  Col. James Smallwood  , , England, United Kingdom   Beau Plains, , Prince George's, Maryland, United States  
85 Col.  Thomas  Sprigg  Col. Thomas Sprigg, I  Kettering, Northampton, England, United Kingdom   , Prince George, Maryland, United States  
86 Commander  Juan  Pedraza  Commander Juan De Pedraza     
87 Commander  Miguel Alejandro  Pedraza  Commander Miguel Alejandro De Pedraza     
88 Comte  Simon  D'evreux  Comte Simon D'evreux     
89 Conde of Castile  Nuno  Nunez  Conde of Castile Nuno Nunez     
90 Constable of England  Humphrey  Bohun  Constable of England Humphrey De Bohun     
91 Constable of Gloucester  Walter  Pites  Constable of Gloucester Walter De Pites  , Gloucesterhire, England, United Kingdon   Llanthony Abbey, Llanthony Secunda, Hempstead, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom  
92 Constable of Ireland  Herve  Montmorency  Constable of Ireland Herve De Montmorency     
93 Constable of Pembroke  Gerald  Windsor  Constable of Pembroke Gerald De Windsor     
94 Consul of Rome  Agricola    Consul of Rome Agricola     
95 Consul of Rome  Tonantius Ferreolus    Consul of Rome Tonantius Ferreolus, II     
96 Counsel of Rome  Tonantius Ferreolus    Counsel of Rome Tonantius Ferreolus     
97 Count  Pedro Lopez  Ayala  Count Pedro Lopez De Ayala     
98 Count  Ralph  Bateux  Count Ralph De Bateux     
99 Count  Godfrey  Beulac  Count Godfrey De Beulac     
100 Count  Jean  Brienne  Count Jean De Brienne  Acre, Holy Land, Jerusalem, `Abbasiya, , HaMerkaz, Israel   Constantinople, Turkey  

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